ChessDB is based on the very successful Scid database written primarily by Shane Hudson. A list of the differences between the last version of Scid and the current version of ChessDB are briefly listed elsewhere.

Changes between consecutive releases of ChessDB.

This section details specifically what changes were made to ChessDB, the version numbers and dates they were made.

Changes between ChessDB 3.6.12-beta-8 (2007-02-10) and ChessDB 3.6.12-beta-1 (2007-01-16)

ChessDB version "3.6.12-beta-8 may be downloaded from the Sourceforge web site. You can get the Windows executable or the source code which will easily compile under Linux or UNIX - in fact ChessDB is developed on Solaris. A list of the changes from the previous release as below.

Changes between ChessDB 3.6.11-alpha (2007-01-05) and ChessDB 3.6.12-beta-1 (2007-01-16)

Changes between ChessDB 3.6.9 (2007-01-01) and ChessDB 3.6.11-alpha (2007-01-05)

There is a lot of new code, including networking code for the first time. There are likely to be significant bugs in this, which is why it is called an Alpha release. New features include:

Changes between ChessDB 3.6.7 (2006-12-30) and ChessDB 3.6.9 (2007-01-01)

Corrected a bug that affected the windows install (but not source) of ChessDB. The help pages, which were kept in a directory `Tutorial` which were *supposed* to be copied to one marked 'tutorial' (lower case) Unfortunately, there was a lower case 'tutorial' and the installer was copying those files, which were out of date. Hence the tutorial was next to useless. Teach me to check the windows code a bit more, as I develop only on UNIX.

Set the autoclose to '0' instead of '1' in start.tcl, so the startup screen will not close on new installations of ChessDB. I think its better to let the screen stay open until the user decides he/she wants to close it automatically by setting the option in their options file.

Add translation to Italian - translation courtesy of Giancarlo Bassi

translate E AnnotateBlundersOnly {When game move is an obvious blunder}
translate E AnnotateBlundersOnlyScoreChange {Analysis reports blunder,
with score change from/to: }
translate E BlundersThreshold {Threshold}>

Corrected missing translation text, which could cause ChessDB to crash, in all of these files. checklangs.tcl czech.tcl deutsch.tcl english.tcl francais.tcl hungary.tcl italian.tcl nederlan.tcl norsk.tcl polish.tcl portbr.tcl serbian.tcl spanish.tcl

Added lots of text to the Russian file, but ChessDB still hangs if Russian is selected. Perhaps a line is split in a place. The Russian file is like a lot of control characters, so hard for me to even see where there might be a problem.

Changes between ChessDB 3.6.6 (2006-12-30) and ChessDB 3.6.7 (2006-12-30)

Updated tcl/lang/*.tcl so that the program did not crash if set to any language which was not English. These lines needed copying into the other language files, and the latter changed for 'E' to whatever that language is using. translate E AnnotateBlundersOnly {When game move is an obvious blunder} translate E AnnotateBlundersOnlyScoreChange {Analysis reports blunder, with score change from/to: } translate E BlundersThreshold {Threshold} Location of files is probably a bit different too. I'd like to get chessdb so it will run with no user configuration.

Changes between ChessDB 3.6.4 (2006-12-18) and ChessDB 3.6.6 (2006-12-30)

  1. Improved method of annotating a game, which still detects blunders, but ignores minor differences of score. Patch submitted by Jeremy White for that
  2. More areas of ChessDB now use sensible dates, which are not limited to the early 2000's when Scid development stopped.
  3. Startup pane is more informative.
  4. A few more bits translated to German, but there is a problem doing this on the game window with some name such as delete/undelete. I think the name is significant, so changing to another language or will break the code.
  5. Tutorial at is now expanded a lot I aim to incorporate that into the windows installation, but probably not the UNIX one.

Changes between ChessDB 3.6.3 (2006-12-16) and ChessDB 3.6.4 (2006-12-18)

German and Portugese language files updated. First attempt by me at creating a Windows executable.

Changes between ChessDB 3.6.2 (2006-12-15) and ChessDB 3.6.3 (2006-12-16)

Edited all the tcl/lang/*.tcl files (except english.tcl) to add the following 3 lines:

menuText ? PgnColorMain "Main line..." 0
menuText ? PgnColorCurrent "Current move background..." 1
menuText ? PgnColorNextMove "Next move background..." 0

where the '?' is a letter for that countries translation. This ensures that there are no errors if a different language is selected, but of course, the message is still in English.

Changes between the last Scid (version 3.6.1 on 2004-03-02) and the first release of ChessDB (version 3.6.2 on 2006-12-16)

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