Bugs or potential bugs in CURRENT or FORTHCOMING versions of ChessDB

Bugs known to exist in ChessDB 3.6.12-beta-1
  • The annotation feature, which annoates bunders only, does not annoate the last move of a game, so if someone blunders and resigns, the move will not be annotated. No fix yet.
  • If selecting Options-->Moves-->Autoplay Time Delay, which brings up a dialog box to set the time delay, an error about ' invalid command name ".apdialog.mistake_value" will be generated. This was a bug in tcl/main.tcl and has been fixed so will not appear on the next release.
  • Possible translation problems that MAY exist in ChessDB 3.6.12-beta-4

    To make maintenence of the language files easier, a number of changes have been made. The following are areas of ChessDB that need testing on languages other than English, as I've had to edit the original foreign translations. They may be wrong.
    1. Use File--> Maintenance--> Cleaner. You should get some messages which say:

      The ChessDB Cleaner will perform all the maintenance actions you select from the list below, on the current database. Current settings in the ECO classification and twin deletion dialogs will apply if you select those functions.

      If these are wrong, could you please edit CleanerHelp1 and CleanerHelp2 in yourlanguge-basic.tcl and email me the file back.
    2. Do the same as above, File--> Maintenance--> Cleaner but click OK too. You should see

      Once Cleaner maintenance is started, it cannot be interrupted!

      This may take a long time on a large database, depending on the functions you have selected and their current settings

      Are you sure you want to commence the maintenance functions you selected?

      If wrong, please edit CleanerConfirm1 CleanerConfirm2 and CleanerConfirm3 in yourlanguge-basic.tcl and email me the file back.
    3. First, it is necessary to ensure that ChessDB is configured to show a warning if you try to replace a move. See Options -> Moves -Ask before replacing moves to set that. Next, make a move on the chessboard, go back and replace the move. ChessDB should say:

      A move already exists here

      You can replace it, discarding all moves after it, or add your move as a new variation

      (You can avoid seeing this message in future by turning off the "Ask before replacing moves" option in the Options:Moves menu.)

      If wrong, please edit ReplaceMoveMessage1, ReplaceMoveMessage2 and ReplaceMoveMessage3 in yourlanguge-basic.tcl and email me the file back.
    4. Open a database and attempt to make it read-only (on File menu). It should say:

      If you make this database read-only, no changes will be permitted. No games can be saved or replaced, and no delete flags can be altered. Any sorting or ECO-classification results will be temporary.

      You can easily make the database writable again, by closing and reopening it.

      Do you really want to make this database read-only?

      If wrong, edit ReadOnlyDialog1 ReadOnlyDialog2 and ReadOnlyDialog3 in yourlanguge-basic.tcl and email me the file back.
    5. Attempt to import a PGN file using Tools ->Inport one PGN game. It should say

      Enter or paste a PGN-format game in the frame above.
      Any errors importing the game will be displayed here.

      If wrong, edit ImportHelp1 and ImportHelp2
    6. Next try File -> Maintenance -> Delete Twin Games It should say:

      To be twins, two games must at least have the same two players, and criteria you can set below. When a pair of twins is found, the shorter game is deleted.

      Hint: it is best to spellcheck the database before deleting twins, since it improves twin detection.

      If wrong, edit TwinsNote1 and TwinsNote2 in yourlanguge-basic.tcl and email me the file back.
    7. Open two databases, open the Database Switcher with Windows->Database Switcher and attempt to copy some games from one database to another (drag one database onto the other). For this example, I am assuming the databases are called foo and foobar and that foo has 1234 games. ChessDB should say:

      Do you really want to copy
      the 1234 filtered games
      in the database foo
      to the database foobar?

      If wrong, please edit CopyConfirm1 CopyConfirm2 CopyConfirm3 and CopyConfirm4, in yourlanguge-basic.tcl and email me the file back.
    8. Select Options --> Chessboard -> My player names, where you should see the message:

      Enter a list of preferred player names below, one name per line. Wildcards (e.g. "?" for any single character, "*" for any sequence of characters) are permitted.

      Every time a game with a player in the list is loaded, the main window chessboard will be rotated if necessary to show the game from that players perspective

      If wrong, please edit MyPlayerNamesDescription1 and MyPlayerNamesDescription2 in yourlanguge-basic.tcl and email me the file back.
    Of course, if you find any translation issue, or are willing to add the parts of files which are missing translations, please do so.
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