Downloading ChessDB

The latest version of ChessDB will always be found on the Sourceforge web site. It is not placed anywhere else. At the time of writing (2007-02-27), these are the links to the latest versions. I'll try to keep these upto date, but just to be sure, it is worth go to the downloads page on Sourceforge.

Latest & greatest version of ChessDB (beta release)

Version 3.6.19-beta-1 is the latest version and was released on 16th August 2007i However, note this is a beta release, so will have more bugs than a stable releate. I try to be honest when I think code may have problems, and so do don't release code as stable when it has any significant bugs if I can possibly help it.

Latest stable release

If you are not so bothered about some of the new featurs in ChessDB, you might prefer the older stable releast. The latest stable source code is ChessDB-3.6.18.tar.gz and the latest stable windows binary is

Extra files

On the Sourceforge site there is an extras package, which at the time of writing has the 4-piece tablebases in it along with a few Smith Morra gambit games. I will at some point add some more games too. Note, the latest Windows executable is available with the endgame tablebases in the package, - there is no need to download them twice.
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