Relationship between ChessDB and Scid or scid-pg from Pascal Georoges.


Following my registration of ChessDB on Sourceforge on the 13th December 2006 and some postings to the Scid mailing list, Pascal Georges offered me some source code. Initially things looked promising, with a co-developer joining the ChessDB effort. However, things did not work out as I would have hoped. The working relationship deteriorated quickly, so Pascal decided to create his fork. He has since written a web page slandering me, which is why I have wrote this one, to express my point of view. (He has also done his best to my email address spammed, as you will see later).

Take-over of the Scid web site - denied by Sourceforge

Pascal made an application to Sourceforge to take control of the Shane Hudson's Scid website on Sourceforge and
posted his intensions on the Scid mailing list. I felt this was inappropriate for several reasons and expressed my concerns.

I was not the only one to object to Pascal's attempt to gain control of the Scid web site. The was an objection from Michael Rudolf (authorised by Shane as a developer of Scid) another from Jeremy White, and Detlef Steuer. There was only one person who felt Pascal should have been able to take over Shane's web site, but numerous who objected. Pascal was denied the takeover by Sourceforge, so set up the project scid-pg on the domain

Pascal's Early releases of scid-pg

Pascal released his first version of scid-pg on the 1st January 2007, in a file named scid-3.6.1-pg.1.tgz This was two weeks after the first release of ChessDB, which was version chessdb-3.6.2, released on the 15th December 2006. See the downloads page on Sourceforge

My main critisims of Pascal Georges

I have several reasons to fill irritated by Pascal's actions, which fall into 3 catagories Lets now look at this is more detail


Pascal was irritated Sourceforge had denied him access to the Scid web site, and made various posts about his irritation. One of which included this paragraph (my choice of highlighted words)

So I will switch naming of my releases from scid-pg to scid as I have the right to. As chessDB is a fork of Scid (2004), and until anybody else is better placed than me to continue Scid, I request things to be strictly separated : given Kirkby's attitude, I hope he'll be honest enough to continue his fork in a strict separated way than mine : I deny him the right to use my own code, as I'll never use his own code (I never heard of a forking project whose that was in conflict with the mainline take code from the original).

Scid was licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Any attempt to deny me the right to use his code is expressly forbidden in the GPL. But Pascal's claim that as I'll never use his own code was a lie - Pascal actually just lies all the time. In fact, Pascal had taken code from ChessDB - hundreds of lines of it. I have never bothered to identify all the code that Pascal copied, but a few examples of where messages are copied, complete with my occasioonal spelling or grammer error.

Pascal George's Nasty Trick of Getting My E-mail Addressed Spammed

Although I was aware of Pascal's web page about me, I was unaware of a trick of his to attract me spam, until Guy Macon pointed this out to me I also noticed that he put your email address on the page in the clear for spambots to harvest while protecting his own by writing pgeorges (at) or pascal.georges1 (at) instead of or

So not content with writing lies about me, Pascal also tried to get as much spam as possible sent to my two email addresses!


This is my understanding of the situation.
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