1.4 Installing ChessDB onto a Mac running OS X from the UNIX source code

There are some Mac OS X binaries, but these are mainly untested and will only work on PPC - they are not universal binaries. Furthermore, they are unlikely to be for the latest version of ChessDB, so you would be wise to build ChessDB from source on on your own Mac.

Not owning a Mac, I don't know the process in detail, but I gather you will need to do something like the following.

That should have the code installed.

Notes from other uses

Since I don't have access to a Mac OS X system, I will mainly have to rely on others for information on OS X. As such, I will add the occasional note sent to me.

Tcl/TK Aqua binaries come with the Tiger

Dr. Kirkby
A quick note.

You might wish to note for people that, if they are running Tiger, Tcl/TK Aqua binaries came with the Tiger distro. More info is included at the Tcl/TK Aqua site Tcl/TK Aqua site. It's pretty easy to miss that link on the main tcltkaqua project page.

I compiled Scid-3.6.1 on Tiger with no problems. As yet, I haven't tried to compile ChessDB, but I should try shortly when my workload eases -- that is, before the start of Morelia-Linares on Saturday.


Rick Vaughn (added 2007-02-14)

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