5.7: Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a useful feature which makes it easy to remember important games for future use. The ChessDB Bookmarks feature is just like the Bookmarks or Favorites feature in a web browser. You can add the current game (and current place within that game) as a bookmark, and at any later time you can jump back to that bookmark. If you go to a bookmark in a database which is not opened, ChessDB will open the database first.

The Bookmarks menu can be accessed from the File menu, by pressing the Ctrl+B shortcut key, or from the insert-picture-here toolbar icon.

When you add a bookmark, you can choose a name for it and where in the bookmarks heirarchy it will appear. You can create bookmark submenus to help organize your bookmarks if you wish. Only games in a ChessDB format database (not a PGN file or the clipbase) can be bookmarked.


You can use bookmarks for fast access to databases you use often by bookmarking a game from each database. Another good use for bookmarks is to add important games you find when studying a particular chess opening.

The bookmarks menu contains an entry for controlling the display of bookmark folders: they can be shown as submenus (useful when there are many bookmarks), or as a single list.

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