6.2: Spellchecking Games

When one has a collection of games, it is not unknows for there to be errors or differences between two identical games. I've even known games where the same moves were played, but the result indicated was different. It is unfortunate, but errors like this do exist on games downloaded from the internet, copied from books, or other souurces.

ChessDB provides several ways in which one can eliminate the spelling errors which occur in files.

Name Editor

Name Editor Window

The Name Editor (Shortcut Control+Shift+N, or available from the File Maintenance submenu) provides a way to change all occurrences of a particular name (or date) in the database. Or, if you prefer, you can apply the change only to games in the filter (after you have set the filter with a certain search) or only to games in the same tournament as the current game.

For example, you can change the player name "Kramnik, V" to "Kramnik, Vladimir" for all games in the database, or change the event name "Open" to "Weekend Open" only for games in the current tournament.

Note that there is not any way to undo a Name Editor change, so use this maintenance tool with care.


Spellcheck window

An even more powerful tool than the Name Editor is the Spellcheck feature. If you have a ChessDB spellcheck (.ssp suffix) file loaded, you can (from the Maintenance window) spellcheck player, event, site or round names for the current database. The standard ChessDB spellcheck file is called spelling.ssp and it should be loaded when you start ChessDB. If not, you can open it with the Load Spellcheck File... command in the Options menu. The spelling file contains information about correct and incorrect spelling of many names. It also contains other player information including FIDE titles (GM, IM, etc), birthdates and nationalities.


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