6.3 Deleting Games

There are a number of reasons one might want to delete a game from a database. There are two main methods to do this.

It should be noted, that when games are delted, they can be undeleted again.

Deleting an individual game

This can be done on an individual basis, by right-clicking on the game window, and selecting (Un) Delete This Game
Popup from Game Window

If you then look at the game window, it should show the game is deleted, as below:

Game Window showing a deleted game

Note, although the game is marked as deleted, if you exit ChessDB and open the database again, the game will be marked deleted, but is still there! This might seem confusing, but it is a safety feature, which means you can undelete games. To make the deletion permanent, the database must be compacted. Please see the section on compacting a database to find out how to compact a database and so make the deletions permanent.

Selecting games for deletion with a filter

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